MathNovatory/Applied Maths/Music Maths/Introduction

Considering that music operates within different natural structures,
          and that the operations in the structures of Time and Pitch,
                    including Melody which combines these two,
               are also presented in several MusicNovatory sections,
          and also considering that the mathematics of Sound and Timbre
               have already been well documented by many authors and researchers,
     this section focuses mainly on clearly separating the mathematics in the Structure of Time
               (in which all the levels are basically constructed in binary form
                    but which can be, by the process of ablation,
                         transformed into irregular, possibly Fibonacci forms)
          from the mathematics in the Structure of Pitch
               (in which all the basic interval sizes
                    are constructed with incompatible Prime Numbers, 2, 3, and 5).

All questions and comments are appreciated.

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