This is a test site, under construction, for the future web site.
It is, to say the least, off the beaten track, with evident artistic tendencies, dedicated to qualitative mathematics, as defined by the scrutiny of its basics.

The Pure Maths, Applied Music and Games Maths, as well as the Convergence sections are now available, all exclusive and original, growing daily. Read them, check out the conclusions and give us your feedback.

Qualitative Mathematics
The numbers of Mathematics are usually presented in their quantitative aspect (size) with their qualitative aspect (nature, function) unfortunately neglected. This site will examine and enjoy their beauty and meaning, while learning from their rich structures.

Scrutiny Of The Basics
As far-fetched as this might seem, both addition and multiplication deserve a closer look, individually and collectively.

Pure Mathematics
This consists of (a) careful, detailed analysis of the fundamental Mathematical Basics, with a re-evaluation of "Commutativity", (b) a fascinating form of "Fibonacci Division", and (c) "The Liberation of Primes" which describes Prime Numbers not for what they seem to be but rather, for the first time ever, how they are structured and generated internally, with symmetry, believe it or not.

The mathematics of sound are already well documented but the mathematics of music are far less understood. Applied Music Maths briefly looks at some of the mathematics of time and pitch, in a musical context.

Some games, like the Tower Of Brahma and Hop-Over, have interesting mathematical formulae involved, often quite similar to those found in music.